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Rooted in Scottish heritage and headquartered in Dubai, Alba Corporation is a UAE-based conglomerate with 8 years of responsible business practice in the Middle East region.

  • A diverse team of 150+ professionals from around the world
  • Strong presence & growth in Automotive, Real Estate, Tech & HR sectors
  • Powered by innovative AI technologies

At Alba, we pioneer innovative solutions and embrace diversity to create a brighter, inclusive future for all.

  • Bridging gaps through innovation and technology
  • Embracing diversity for tailored market solutions
  • Pioneering to make a real difference in society

We are dedicated to driving transformation across industries, guided by our unwavering commitment to innovation & technology.

  • Pioneering industry transformation
  • Leading with groundbreaking solutions
  • Driving comprehensive strategies for a brighter future

Alba Corporation

A conglomerate based in the UAE, led by a team of 150+ professionals from around the globe. With over 8 years in the industry, we uphold responsible business across diverse sectors, complemented by AI innovations.

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    Our Executive Team

    Talib Al Rubai


    Marc Wyse


    Luís Carmo

    Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

    Sara Silva

    Head of Marketing Operations

    Jack Keeling

    Chief Sales Officer

    Jitesh Bhanu

    Chief Accountant

    Christian Mark Ellis

    Head of Purchase

    Chloe McKenzie

    Head of Recruitment

    Annet Nalutaaya

    Head of Finance

    Muhammed Serai

    Creative Director

    Ashwati Nair

    Head of Human Resouces

    Milind Coutinho

    Head of Operations

    Hukam Khan

    Head of Logistics