At Alba Cars, our belief runs deep: Every journey, no matter how short or long, deserves a car that’s not just reliable but reflects the driver’s aspirations. Situated in the heart of Dubai’s Al Quoz region, we’ve been more than just a used car dealership over the past 8 years. We’ve been curators of experiences and champions of quality.

Quality is a journey, not a destination. We don’t chase fleeting deals; we are on a relentless pursuit of excellence. This isn’t about just any used car; it’s about pre-owned luxury, revitalized. Every vehicle, representing renowned global brands, isn’t just bought and sold. They are handpicked, inspected meticulously, refurbished passionately, and then presented to you. You’re not getting a ‘used’ car with Alba; you’re getting a ‘reborn’ experience.

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Alba Cars

The Unwavering Commitment

Discover what sets us apart in the world of luxury used cars. Join us on a journey marked by exceptional quality and personal attention, showcasing our dedication to excellence and top-notch customer service. Explore how Alba Cars goes beyond the typical used car dealership to offer a unique experience.

Crafting Dreams, Redefining Luxury

Alba Cars Executive Team

Talib Al Rubai


Marc Wyse


Luís Carmo

Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

Christian Mark Ellis

Head of Purchase

Jack Keeling

Chief Sales Officer

Sara Silva

Head of Marketing Operations

Muhammed Serai

Creative Director

Milind Coutinho

Head of Operations

Hukam Khan

Head of Logistics

Annet Nalutaaya

Head of Fianance

Tarryn Petersen

Aftercare Director

Jitesh Bhanu

Chief Accountant