Revolutionizing Auctions and Beyond

A groundbreaking auction platform brought to you by Alba Corporation. Our mission is to reshape the UAE’s auction landscape with a commission-free marketplace that prioritizes fairness and transparency.

In a rapidly evolving world, RAVO addresses the demand for expedited and dependable buying and selling transactions. Departing from traditional classified listings, we embrace a contemporary approach in harmony with today’s dynamic environment. With RAVO, both buyers and sellers enjoy the advantage of swift and reliable transactions.

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Navigating RAVO's Offerings

RAVO’s primary function is its dynamic auction platform, a versatile system that operates across multiple industries. Whether you’re interested in automotive, real estate, consumer electronics, luxury watches, household items, or more, RAVO brings together buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions. What sets RAVO apart is its neutral stance, which ensures the security of every auction without the need for intermediaries. With RAVO, you can trust that your buying or selling experience will be safe and efficient, no matter the product category.

RAVO doesn’t stop at auctions; it serves as a comprehensive services hub, offering a wide array of tailored solutions for each industry category. From automotive to real estate, consumer electronics, household items, and more, RAVO connects you with top-tier service providers. This bridge ensures that you have access to secure and dependable services that meet your specific needs. Additionally, RAVO enriches your experience by featuring exclusive offers and coupons from service providers within their respective categories. This integration transforms RAVO into a one-stop destination where both buyers and sellers can benefit from extra incentives and a seamless connection to industry experts.

AI-Powered Security and Transparency

RAVO is dedicated to security and authenticity, implementing rigorous user verification to ensure genuine participation while prioritizing data privacy. With our 24/7 auction experience, we redefine trust and transparency for both buyers and sellers.

Empowered by advanced AI technology, RAVO ensures a thrilling auction experience available around the clock. We’re not just redefining the auction platform; we’re your partner on this transformative journey.

RAVO Executive Team

Talib Al Rubai


Marc Wyse


Luís Carmo

Chief Executive Officer

Deniese Maniba

Assistant Manager