Alba Corp Celebrates Team Spirit and
Employee Engagement with Billiards Tournament

On July 6th, Alba Corp hosted a lively billiards tournament at Cue Kings, bringing together employees under the Alba Corporation in friendly competition. The atmosphere buzzed with cheers and playful rivalry as employees showcased their skills and enthusiastically supported each other.

This wasn’t just about winning or losing, it was about celebrating teamwork, skill development, and camaraderie. Alba recognizes the importance of a positive and engaging work environment, and initiatives like this billiards tournament demonstrate their commitment to fostering employee connections and collaboration beyond the confines of the typical office setting. Through friendly competition and a spirit of camaraderie, Alba strengthens team bonds and cultivates lasting relationships within their workforce.

A Huge Congratulations to Our Champions!

The tournament culminated in a well-deserved trophy presentation, with the team of  Faycal and Waques taking home the top prize for their impressive victory!

 However, the true highlight resided in the enjoyment and connections forged during the event. Alba Corp extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and for making this event a success.

The Core Values in Action

The core values of Integrity and trust are the cornerstones of everything Alba Corp does.

These principles were beautifully reflected in the spirit of fair play and mutual respect that permeated the recent billiards tournament at Cue Kings. 

Alba Corp fosters an environment where every employee feels valued and respected, and ethical behavior is the standard.

The fun of billiards goes beyond friendly competition. The game itself fosters the development of valuable skills that translate seamlessly into the workplace:

  • Precision and Focus: Sharpening hand-eye coordination through aiming shots improves focus and attention to detail, essential for tasks like meticulous data analysis or crafting precise technical specifications.
  • Strategic Thinking: Planning shots and positioning the cue ball hones strategic thinking and foresight, crucial for project planning and decision-making. Imagine strategizing a complex marketing campaign, much like planning a series of intricate bank shots to sink the eight ball.
  • Mental Toughness: Staying focused throughout the game translates to improved mental discipline and resilience in overcoming workplace challenges. Just like maintaining composure during a pressure shot, Alba Corp employees demonstrate similar mental fortitude when tackling demanding deadlines or unexpected obstacles.


  • Problem-Solving and Collaboration: Analyzing the table and finding solutions to challenging shots boosts problem-solving skills. Playing in teams enhances communication and teamwork capabilities – all vital for success at work. Whether it’s brainstorming solutions for a client issue or collaborating across departments on a project, these skills are essential at Alba Corp.

The billiards tournament exemplifies the spirit of Alba Corp. Every event strengthens the team and reinforces the company’s shared values.

About Alba Corporation

Alba Corporation, rooted in Scottish heritage and headquartered in Dubai, stands as a distinguished conglomerate with over eight years of commendable business practice in the Middle East. With a diverse team of over 180 global professionals from various nationalities, the company has carved a strong presence in sectors such as automotive, real estate, technology, and HR, propelled by innovative AI technologies. Alba Corporation is committed to transforming industries through groundbreaking solutions, driving sustainable growth, and fostering a brighter future across its fields of expertise.

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