Alba Corp’s Dynamic Football Tournament
Fosters Team Unity and Collaboration

On June 8th, Alba Corp organized a football tournament at Dubai Heights Academy. The event aimed to foster teamwork, synergy, and employee engagement within the company. It was a thrilling day of competition and camaraderie, underscoring the importance of strong, collaborative relationships.

Showcasing Team Spirit

The tournament highlighted how Alba Corp thrives on passion and integrity. Employees from various brands, including Alba Cars and Alba Homes, as well as our headquarters, came together in spirited competition, showcasing their unique talents and diverse perspectives. The football matches allowed participants to exhibit their dedication and enthusiasm, reinforcing the company’s core values.


Commitment to Collaboration and Respect

This event exemplified our commitment to creating an environment where collaboration and mutual respect are integral, ensuring everyone can excel. At Alba Corp, our foundation is built on passion, integrity, and innovation. We believe in the incredible potential of our people and value the diverse perspectives each team member brings. 

By promoting diversity through events like the football tournament, we foster a culture of respect for different perspectives and abilities. This diversity enriches our teams, driving innovation and ensuring a broad range of ideas and solutions.

Making a Positive Impact

Our goal is to make a positive impact beyond business success. We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world, and this football tournament is just one of the many ways we build a better future together. At Alba Corp, we are more than just a company—we are a community striving for extraordinary achievements.

Join us on this journey, and together, we can achieve great things. The recent football tournament was more than a game; it was a celebration of the collaborative spirit and strong bonds that make Alba Corp a remarkable place to work.

About Alba Corporation

Alba Corporation, rooted in Scottish heritage and headquartered in Dubai, stands as a distinguished conglomerate with over eight years of commendable business practice in the Middle East. With a diverse team of over 180 global professionals from different nationalities, the company has carved a strong presence in sectors such as automotive, real estate, technology, and HR, propelled by innovative AI technologies. Alba Corporation is committed to transforming industries through groundbreaking solutions, driving sustainable growth, and fostering a brighter future across its fields of expertise.

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